Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cutting And Why People Do It

"All cutters, or people who self harm, are attention seeking whores."


Some people may cut themselves because maybe the do want attention. But in fact, many that do it actually hide their scars and act they it doesn't even happen. They don't want to draw attention to it at all. 

Some cutters might hurt themselves to relieve pain. Because they think, that they have so much pain mentally it needs to become physical pain. This is coming from a cutter. I know exactly how this feels. And this is how people cope. You can't judge us for how we deal with things. I'm not saying that cutting is okay or that if you're stressed, you should do it, I'm just saying that please don't judge. We won't judge if you deal with things by binge eating, or screaming into your pillow, whatever it is that you may do. It just hurts me when people say hateful things like "man up and kill yourself already." Because what if someone did kill themselves because of that? 

How would that feel? 

And I'm not saying all cutters do it for those reasons, they might actually do it for attention, but even if they do, that doesn't give you a right to judge them or criticize them. Think about what you say, because you don't know everything. You don't know their story and if you say these things, you probably don't know how it feels to feel like you need to hurt yourself. And when you see things like "500 likes and my friend will stop cutting", like NO! It's not that simple. Those are people who are indeed looking for attention. Honestly, 500 likes on your Facebook status is not gonna make be like "Yay! Suddenly my life is fine again and I don't need to do this anymore!" NO. It's not that simple. 

Please, just be careful what you say. It could end someone's life.